man, just woke up to read this news. This is sad but Joe Simon lived a long life and easily one of the greatest writers the medium has known.

Wild Cat trapped by time by Irwin Hasen (1942)

This was a fun story with some really nice artwork by Irwin Hasen. It was published Sensation Comics #64 in 1942.

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Kill Me a Monster by Paul Reinman (1954)

Okay I fibbed about last week, but now I’ve actually got several comics ready to and to be posted so yea! Today’s comic comes from Menace #9 (which has a cover by Gene Colan). Art is by Paul Reinman and it was published in 1954.

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So I’ve forgotten until just now that the tumblr image thing makes the Little Nemo comics too small to read. I apologize for that. Here’s a link to a large readable version:

The Slasher by Molno and Mastroserio 1953

This one has been sitting in my bookmarks awhile so I’m going to go ahead and post it now before I forget it again. This is from Tales of Horror #8 with pencils by Bill Molno and inks by Rocco Mastroserio. Printed in 1953.

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The Two Faces of Nyada Burnett by Lou Ferstadt (1944)

Some Golden Age action comics are filled with amusing things. Things that are funny either because they are just flat silly:

or because they look like a penis

Today’s comic comes from Super-Mystery comics volume 4 issue 2 published in 1944 with art by Lou Ferstadt.

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Monty The Miracle Mouse by Bob Wick(ersham) 1950

Aaaaand we’re back! I apologize for the hold up. The collision between the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year is a bit bumpy but let’s not waste anymore time! Today’s comic comes from Giggle Comics #71 from 1950 by the artist Bob Wickersham, but signed by his pen-name, Wick.

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